The Reviews

Lodging and Appeal

By David Taylor.

James Gorst had to overcome numerous obstacles to realise his contemporary design for Whithurst Park Lodge in Sussex. The result is a distinctive home with a “new barn” aesthetic.

Nestling deep in the rolling West Sussex countryside, beyond…

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The Structure

Written by Chris Boydell, Alan Conisbee & Associates.

The use of exposed fair-faced concrete columns on the ground floor provides stability, visual purity and an open-plan layout. The potential problems of damp-penetration and cold-bridging associated with solid concrete construction, were…

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Two-storey Detached House, Working Details

By Susan Dawson.

The construction of this two-storey detached house is clearly expressed on the outside. The ground floor is a cast in situ concrete frame with glazed areas between the outer concrete columns; the external faces of these columns…

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Whithurst Park cottage

Among the most beautiful of English reinterpretations of the barn aesthetic is James Gorst’s Whithurst Park Cottage in the county of West Sussex. Set to one side of extensive parkland, with forestry directly behind it, the house was commissioned…

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Night and Day

By Dinan Hall.

This is a story about a good modern house. And because this is England, that means the story must start with the inevitable planning rejection. “It’s like the wart on the neck of an elderly vicar” was…

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