Residential Architecture

It all began in 1999 when Richard Taylor and Rick Englert purchased 100 acres of park and woodland in West Sussex to realise several ambitious of projects, which continue today.

The case of Whithurst Park Lodge

In the beginning there was a 1950’s cottage, the mission was to replace it with a domestic, new-build. This all sounds rather pedestrian, but as we now know the vision was far from this. The new house was to be a contemporary home; a barn with a very distinctive aesthetic, the purpose was to create a stopgap accommodation for the owners which could be rented out afterwards.

The time frame was two years to realise this ambitious scheme. What we see today is the result of tenacious lobbying after an inevitable planning rejection and it is encouraging that such a remarkable design project as the Lodge should have proceeded against the wishes of councilors who were concerned about the suburbanization of the countryside. It was turned down twice, despite being recommended by the planning officer and eventually went through appeal.


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